Tuesday, May 29, 2012

meal plan May 28th-June 1st

Monday - grill out! Grilled barbecue chicken for me, grilled steak wrapped in jalapeno bacon for him, grilled corn, grilled squash, and easy chocolate pie
Tuesday - Grilled venison backstrap, roasted cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce
Wednesday - picnic for date night! spinach salad (leftover grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, cucumber, croutons, red onion, craisins, and homemade vinaigrette dressing) and fruit salad (with clementines, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, blackberries, and honey)
Thursday - dinner meeting with pizza provided
Friday - I am having a girls dinner with friends and he wants macaroni and cheese

and we will make guacamole at some point this week for a snack

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  1. From my point of view it is a healthy diet, you cab get more balanced body with it. It is good for you, You get all the proteins and vitamins with this meals.