Thursday, June 21, 2012

s'mores on a stick

How adorable is this dessert? You can call these "s'mores on a stick" or "s'more pops" or "deconstructed s'mores" or "cute and easy party dessert". I made these for a lifegroup grill-out recently where one of our lifegroup members was baptized in a backyard swimming pool!

jumbo marshmellows
graham crackers
melted chocolate

Skewer the mallow. Crush the graham crackers into powder. Dip mallow in melted chocolate. Then dip in crushed graham crackers. Set on parchment paper or wax paper to set. Deliver to party and watch how happy they make people when they pop them into their mouth.

Note: Next time I make these, I will set them down in some kind of glass where the s'mores part is on top. I think that will look cuter than set down on a tray like above. Live and learn.
Like so....


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