Monday, April 30, 2012

camping meals

We went camping this past weekend, and we had the best time! Some friends came with us for Friday night and part of the day on Saturday, and Slater and I stayed until Sunday afternoon. We got hammocks from Outdoor Waco before the trip and they are our new favorite thing. Hammocking is our new hobby. We love it. I had never been officially camping in a tent before we got married; however, I have been many times since because I am married to a camping-loving man. He thrives in the outdoors, and it is refreshing for me too. I have learned a few things about planning and making meals while camping, so I thought I would share some here.

Recipe for Pesto Tilapia Foil Packs
Makes two foil packs

1 zucchini squash
1/2 a bundle of asparagus
2 tilapia filets
handful of grape tomatoes
cooking spray

Chop asparagus into bite size chunks. Chop zucchini squash into half moon bites. Halve the grape tomatoes. Lay down two long peices of foil on top of each other. (I did three this time as  you can see in the pictures, but I recommend two.) Spray the foil with cooking spray. Lay down half of the asparagus and squash in a flat pile in the middle of the foil. Drop two spoonfuls of pesto over the vegetables. Lay the tilapia filet on top. Spread another spoonful or two over the tilapia. Lay half of the halved grape tomatoes on top. Repeat with another two pieces of foil and the rest of the ingredients. Close the foil up around the food. Leave a little space (not too tight) so that it can steam. Place on top of grate on top of the fire. You can also do this over a regular grill or even in your oven. Leave for about 6-7 minutes. (This obviously depends on the heat of your fire.) Flip over. Cook for another 6-7 minutes.  Open and enjoy!

(I had extra tomatoes in one pack and extra asparagus and squash in the other foil pack)
We grilled some bread to go with it. Delicious! Gourmet but simple meal around a campfire!

Other camping meals we enjoyed:
-brats on whole wheat buns with grilled corn
-kebabs with marinated steak, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes
-breakfast tacos
-eggs & bacon
-peanut butter with apples and bananas and cheese

Here are some other pictures from our wonderful camping weekend...

we are so thankful for dear friends!

Their boys are awesome. It was their first camping trip!

breakfast time

the men tending to the fire

the boys in our beloved hammocks

i won that game of banagrams :)

i love him!

hammocking is seriously our new hobby. most relaxing thing ever.

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