Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am listening to a songbird make melodies as the sunshine streams in through my windows covering me in a blanket of warmth. I feel a strong sense of delight and am daydreaming of gardens, summer vacations, and fresh flowers. Spring is coming! The coming of Spring renews hope in me in the strongest way. I have a natural aversion to winter. I have always disliked it. I am trying to grow an appreciation for it because my husband dearly loves it, but it usually makes me a little miserable. I suppose because I dislike feeling cold, I relish Spring as it promises light and warmth. I am such a sunshine girl. I crave sunshine more than I crave chocolate. There is promise in the budding of plants, joy in the melodies of songbirds, and happiness in basking in sunlight. God is so kind to bring Spring every year. Here are a few of my favorite Spring images I have pinned on my Pinterest. (Follow me at .)

 New life!
 I can't wait to plant a vegetable and flower garden someday.

Fields of wildflowers are one of life's supreme delights.
I would love to host a dinner party for my friends in this lovely setting.
Japanese Magnolia tree. My parents have one in their front yard. Its blooming is one of the happiest sings of Spring.
Fields of sunflowers. :)
I would love to live in a cottage like this with Slater someday. I will walk outside to cut fresh flowers from our yard to have fresh life in every room in our quaint cottage.
All this talk of Spring has me looking forward to summer and the beach!

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